This is the Mountain of the Lord where we go for prayer and fasting, During the day one may just find some space and shade in the thicket to pray and meditate under. The caves that you see are where the people find shelter at night. Some even spend the night on the rocks when the storms and the weather are favorable. The caves provide shelter from rains and strong winds.. 

Sometimes arsonists torch the mountains and the bush gets consumed by fire.

Even with the pain, suffering and frustration that the people face as they go up the mountain to be with the Lord, they relentlessly endeavor to seek the face of their Master in prayer and fasting. Some of them go for 40 days, some 21 days, others go for 14 days, 2-3 days or even for overnight prayers.  Some of them have families to take care of so having a support program for them would be a great blessing.

Yes, there IS a real need for a Prayer and Fasting Center for the people.                             Won't you help us make this possible?                 
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Prayer Mountain