Ministry at Village Woman's Church
May 2011
Prior to this ministry visit and duriing a time of seeking the Lord, the Holy Spirit spoke to  Pastor John to go visit a village woman's church, Mrs. Otieno. There the Lord opened a door for him to minister to the people and to receive ministry as well. While Pst John was there the Lord spoke to his heart to seed the 30 metal sheets and timber that the Lord had provided originally for Pst John's personal church planting dream, and instead lead him to seed it into Mrs. Otieno's church for a new structure for her and her congregation. This, the Lord impressed on Pst John, would open the door for the necessary resources for the original dream the Lord had given him of a Prayer and Fasting Center.
Pst John shared his heart with Mrs. Otieno,visiting and ministering to the congregation once again to present her with the check for labor of the construction.
Then began the process of the transporting and rebuilding of the new structure.
Below is the new completed structure
And their first service in the new church building. Glory to God!